Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products For Sale

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding whether we will sell our natural, environmentally responsible cleaning products.  Why, you ask, would you buy ours instead of going to the grocery store and buying some other “green” product?  Well, if you look at those “green” products available commercially, they still have chemicals in them, if they even list the ingredients at all.  All of our products are made from natural products such as vinegar, organic free-trade certified liquid soap (vegan), washing soda, and water.

After some consideration we decided that we will seriously look into if it is a viable option.  The biggest problem will be the fact that I am loathe to buy new plastic bottles in which to package the products.  Last night I had an epiphany when I realized I could re-use empty 500 mL water bottles (collected) and simply include a pump nozzle with the packaging,  Doing it this way will save the creation of new bottles and will re-use existing plastic bottles which could then be re-filled or recycled once empty.

I am thinking that I will offer the products: (prices subject to change)

~one 500 mL bottle All-Purpose Cleaner $3.50;

~two 500 mL bottles All-Purpose Cleaner $6.00 (includes one spray nozzle or a second for a nominal fee);

~one 500 mL bottle Glass Cleaner $3.50;

~two bottles Glass Cleaner $6.00 (includes one spray nozzle or a second for a nominal fee);

~one bottle of each (each with its own spray nozzle) $7.00

For multiple bottle orders we will work out a price with further discounted rate.

We will also offer 4 L jugs for $25.  You will have to supply your own spray bottle, or we can include one for a nominal fee.  If you supply your own 4L jug  (empty vinegar jugs will work) we will deduct  $1.00 from the price.

Shipping charges will be additional if applicable.

We will eventually add the option of the addition of your choice of essential oils for scent.  (Pine, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, etc)

This question is, are you interested in buying the cleaning products from us?


It will take a while for us to implement the ideas and work out any issues so please be patient!


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