Rates and Services

Many people are curious about how much we charge for cleaning your home.  They wonder if we will be more expensive than traditional maid services.  We are pleased to announce that our rates are competitive with current local cleaning companies.

Please keep in mind that each home and circumstance is different.  Degrees in initial cleanliness, size, and clutter will all affect how much we will charge to clean your home.

Remember:  WE BRING ALL THE CLEANERS WE WILL USE!  You will never have to use toxic commercial cleaners again.  Talk to us about purchasing our Earth-Friendly Cleaning Product line.

Rates for a regular cleaning start at $50 for a one bedroom apartment and go up depending on size and work required. The average 2 bedroom apartment/house will start at $60, a 3 bedroom apartment/house will start at $80.   We will conduct an initial visit during which time we will provide a  free estimate.  Special consideration may be taken depending on financial need; please contact us for more information.


Kitchen and Laundry Areas:

· Wash and disinfect counter tops, moving all small appliances

· Wipe down small kitchen countertop appliances

· Clean microwave inside and out

· Stove:  Wipe down exterior

· Refrigerator exterior:  Light clean front and sides

· Refrigerator interior:  Shelf fronts and lips

· Wipe down dishwasher and trash compactor exteriors

· Dust cabinet exteriors

· Wipe down sink, fixtures, and drain

· Dust window sills

· Vacuum carpet walkways and spot mop floors

· Wipe down exterior washer and dryer

· Remove cobwebs as needed

· Empty trash as needed

· Provide trash can liners


· Clean and disinfect tub and shower stalls

· Disinfect commode inside and out

· Dust lights and mirrors as needed

· Dust cabinet exteriors as needed

· Dust and/or wash paper holder and towel racks as needed

· Vacuum carpet walkways and spot mop floors

· Clean sinks and fixtures

· Provide trash can liners

· Empty trash as needed

Living, Dining, Family Rooms, Bedrooms

· Remove cobwebs as needed

· Spot mop floors

· Dust furniture surfaces

· Spot clean mirrors and glass

· Vacuum walk areas

· Empty trash as needed

· Provide trash can liners

Initial Home Cleanings: First-time house cleanings can take 4-8 hours to clean depending on the size and how much work is involved. This gives our cleaning team the opportunity to do a deep clean of your home and become familiar with your cleaning needs.

Keep in mind, the time to clean your home varies depending on:

  • Size of home
  • Condition of home
  • Pets living inside the home
  • Home equipped with water softener
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Number of people living in home


CARPET CLEANING We will come and clean your carpets with an environmentally friendly cleaner.  Have no worries about toxic chemicals when we’re done!

LAUNDRY Wash/dry/fold services-  $5.00 per load.

SPRING CLEANING is available at any time of the year! Please advise ahead of time if you wish us to do any spring clean services as we will need to book more time for you depending on what you would like done.  Spring cleaning can consist of one or more of the following: washing walls, washing windows, washing baseboards, vacuuming curtains, etc.   We will provide Spring Cleaning at the rate of $30 per hour, or charge for add-ons to a regular clean.

DECLUTTERING SERVICE is now offered!  Are you the type of person who has every surface in the house covered with clutter?  Are you more likely to set something down instead of putting it away when you’re finished with it?  Do you keep EVERYTHING “just in case” you’ll need it someday?   Do you need help clearing some stuff out of your home?  Then look no further, because we can help you!  We will come in and lend assistance in releasing you from your cluttered home and restore your living space to a zen-like peacefulness. Contact us by phone or email to arrange an estimate.

VACANT HOME CLEANS Moving into or out of an apartment, townhouse, or house?  Call us and we’ll come and get it ready for it’s next step.  We’ll help to eliminate some of the toxins that may be lingering in the house and prepare it for it’s new inhabitants!

**If there is anything you would like us to do and you do not see it listed here, please contact us!  We are more than happy to discuss our services and make arrangements to suit your circumstances.

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